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outcome driven venturing

Outcome-Driven Venturing

People buy products and services not for their sake but to get a “job” done. Over the past 20 years,…
cl wp report innovation portfolio background x

Does Your Company’s R&D Portfolio Match its Growth Ambitions?

Many companies create bold growth strategies fueled by innovations. However, the mix of funded R&D…
how apple organized innovation

How Apple Is Organized for Innovation – Commentary

Growth Strategies
Joel M. Podolny and Morten T. Hansen’s article in the December 2020 edition of the Harvard Business…
innovation incorporating customer behavior

Evidence-Based Innovation Portfolio Management: Incorporating Customer Behavior into Portfolio Decision Making

Growth Strategies
As discussed in our earlier blog, Evidence-Based Innovation Portfolio Management: Replacing…
innovation portfolio management

To Kill a Zombie (Project)

Growth Strategies
In 2013, a team of researchers from The Boston Consulting Group conducted an important study. They…
Evidence based innovation portfolio management x

Evidence-Based Innovation Portfolio Management

Growth Strategies
From the highest paid person’s opinion to financial projections and scoring models, these are just…
evidence based IPM replacing opinions facts x

Evidence-Based Innovation Portfolio Management: Replacing Opinions With Facts

Innovation Implementation
As companies face unprecedented market uncertainty and increasing pressures to innovate, they become…
innovation portfolio management survey x

Innovation Portfolio Management Survey

Growth Strategies
Has your company optimized its innovation portfolio? Find out by participating in Change Logic’s Innovation…
qa with noel sobelman x

Q&A with Noel Sobelman, Change Logic’s Innovation Practice Lead

Innovation Implementation
Change Logic is thrilled to welcome,  Noel Sobelman to lead our Innovation Practice. We sat down with…
dynamic innovation portfolio management x

Dynamic Innovation Portfolio Management

Organizational Renewal
Corporate innovation teams have always been challenged to focus on projects that will have the highest…