digital transformation with mike tushman

Digital Transformation with Mike Tushman

Digital Transformation
Change Logic co-founder, Mike Tushman discusses why disruption causes great companies to fail and…
sanusx revolutionizing healthcare

How SanusX is revolutionizing healthcare, one app at a time

2020 has been a hard year, which makes it even more important to celebrate success. Change Logic takes…
key takeaways from corporate incubation

Key Takeaways from “Corporate Incubation: the Key to Innovation in an Uncertain Market”

How can corporations build effective incubation engines? How can they create new, sustainable…
servant leadership empowers innovation x

Servant Leadership Empowers Innovation

Organizational Renewal
2020 has been a year like no other. From the serious implications to people’s health to the ripple…
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Atlanta Opera: Re-Imagining Live Performances and Investing in Digital Engagement

Organizational Renewal
The Atlanta Opera announced the resumption of live performances beginning Thursday, October 22, 2020.…
professional identity blocks innovation x

How Professional Identity Blocks Innovation?

Organizational Renewal
Innovation is built on proven methodologies, much like the approach we use at Change Logic. Yet, methodology…
dynamic innovation portfolio management x

Dynamic Innovation Portfolio Management

Organizational Renewal
Corporate innovation teams have always been challenged to focus on projects that will have the highest…
closing corporate innovation gap x

Closing Corporate Innovation Gap

Organizational Renewal
The stereotype for successful modern corporations is that they flawlessly execute operational performance…
innovating while working remotely x

Innovating While Working Remotely

Sustaining Innovation
We were all amazed at how quickly we moved to virtual work. We waited for the world to fall apart, but…
whats next innovation x

What’s Next for Innovation?

Innovation Strategies
Many firms scaled back investments in innovation in response to the global pandemic. There was a sense…