dynamic innovation portfolio management x

Dynamic Innovation Portfolio Management

Organizational Renewal
Corporate innovation teams have always been challenged to focus on projects that will have the highest…
closing corporate innovation gap x

Closing Corporate Innovation Gap

Organizational Renewal
The stereotype for successful modern corporations is that they flawlessly execute operational performance…
innovating while working remotely x

Innovating While Working Remotely

Sustaining Innovation
We were all amazed at how quickly we moved to virtual work. We waited for the world to fall apart, but…
whats next innovation x

What’s Next for Innovation?

Innovation Strategies
Many firms scaled back investments in innovation in response to the global pandemic. There was a sense…
making decisions today thrive future x

Making Decisions Today to Thrive in the Future

Organizational Renewal
Senior managers are moving with speed to reduce expenses for short-term survival. While the shape of…
resiliency planning thrive after covid x

Resiliency Planning to Thrive After COVID-19 Pandemic

Cash management has been the key focus for management teams in the past two to three months. However,…
corp culture covid forcing change x

Corporate Culture Shock: How COVID-19 Is Forcing Companies to Change

Organizational Renewal
The latest coronavirus outbreak has become an inflection point in corporate culture for many businesses.…
leverage innovation prepare new normal x

Leverage Innovation to Prepare for the New Normal After the Pandemic

Organizational Renewal
Companies across the world are dealing with unprecedented disruption for their employees, customers,…
acceleration coopetition address covid x

Acceleration of Coopetition to Address COVID-19 Crisis

Organizational Renewal
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new levels of cooperation between competitors – so called coopetition. Coopetition…
what innovators learn telemedicine x

What Can Innovators Learn from Telemedicine’s Coronavirus Boom?

Organizational Renewal
Innovators have hyped telemedicine for decades, but doctors and insurers didn’t adopt it. Then COVID-19…