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Data Science is Important – Change Management Requires Data Science and Companies Aren’t Ready

Organizational Renewal
Change Logic co-founders Mike Tushman and Andy Binns discuss how data science is becoming increasingly…
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Is this how to solve the Innovator’s Dilemma?

Organizational Renewal
Change Logic bases its methods and tools on decades of research by our founding directors, Professor…

How to Create a Culture of Success

Organizational Renewal
Change Logic co-founder, Charles O’Reilly, offers some insights on how to create a culture of success,…
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LCOR in Action: Case Studies of Leading Change

Organizational Renewal
Roughly 10,000 executives have attended the ‘Leading Change and Organizational Renewal' (LCOR) program…
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Change Sprints Will Get You to the Finish Line

Organizational Renewal
Change projects often suffer from a surplus of good intentions and a deficit of disciplined effort. You…