What is Innovation Disruption?

Disruptive Innovation refers to a technology whose application significantly affects the way a market or industry functions. An example of modern disruptive innovation is the Internet, which significantly altered the way companies did business and which negatively impacted companies that were unwilling to adapt to it.

outcome driven venturing

Outcome-Driven Venturing

People buy products and services not for their sake but to get a “job” done. Over the past 20 years,…
capacity to act innovation

Capacity to Act: What Really Stops Companies from Innovating

Ambitious Leadership
Innovation consultants focus on how to generate new ideas, but what leaders need is a consultant that…
sebastian jackisch refinemysite

Corporate Explorers to Watch in 2021: Dr. Sebastian M. Jackisch, Global Head of RefinemySite

Dr. Sebastian M. Jackisch, Global Head of RefinemySite We have long equated groundbreaking innovation…
corporate explorers krisztian kurtisz

Corporate Explorers to Watch in 2021: Krisztian Kurtisz, CEO of Cherrisk at UNIQA Insurance

Ambitious Leadership
Krisztian Kurtisz, Head of Alternative Digital Business Models and CEO of Cherrisk at UNIQA Insurance We…
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Healthcare Innovation: Three things Haven almost got right.

Haven, the healthcare venture backed by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan, created shockwaves…
Kristin von Donop

Designing Ambidextrous Organizations with Executive Teams

Ambitious Leadership
Established, successful companies are faced with unprecedented pressure to change. Quite simply, companies…
Beating the odds of disruption x

Beating the Odds of Disruption

Innovation Disruption
Large firms often struggle to prosper in the face of market disruption. Recently, many have adopted Design…
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Innovation Portfolio Management Survey

Growth Strategies
Has your company optimized its innovation portfolio? Find out by participating in Change Logic’s Innovation…
fa ef ea ef a abe c c cca mv

Atlanta Opera: Re-Imagining Live Performances and Investing in Digital Engagement

Organizational Renewal
The Atlanta Opera announced the resumption of live performances beginning Thursday, October 22, 2020.…
explore exploit years x

Explore/Exploit: 10 Years on

Innovation Strategies
Ten years ago, I co-authored an article on how firms need to balance exploiting the core business with…