making decisions today thrive future x

Making Decisions Today to Thrive in the Future

Organizational Renewal
Senior managers are moving with speed to reduce expenses for short-term survival. While the shape of…
courage discipline corporate explorer x

Courage and Discipline: The Corporate Explorer’s Capacity to Act

Growth Strategies
Bold, audacious, brave, courageous, and trailblazing are just a few of the adjectives commonly used to…
asking crowds whats next x

Asking Crowds “What’s Next?” for Your Organization

Serendipity is one of the most powerful forces in innovation. There are so many great product ideas or…

California Management Review Best Article 2020 Award

Innovation Strategies
Andy Binns and Charles O'Reilly's article, The Three Stages of Disruptive Innovation: Idea Generation,…
danger trusting narcissistic leaders x

Dangers of Trusting Narcissistic Leaders

In this recent article, Change Logic Founder, Charles O'Reilly shares topical research about Narcissistic…
corp culture covid forcing change x

Corporate Culture Shock: How COVID-19 Is Forcing Companies to Change

Organizational Renewal
The latest coronavirus outbreak has become an inflection point in corporate culture for many businesses.…
leverage innovation prepare new normal x

Leverage Innovation to Prepare for the New Normal After the Pandemic

Organizational Renewal
Companies across the world are dealing with unprecedented disruption for their employees, customers,…
how ideate incubate fail x

How to Ideate, Incubate, but Fail

Innovation Implementation
Most organizations launch initiatives to drive growth and there are great practices available to innovate…
success through ambidexterity x

Success through Ambidexterity

Innovation Implementation
Innovation efforts in large organizations tend to over-emphasize ideation (coming up with new ideas)…
disciplines distruptive innovation x

3 Disciplines of Disruptive Innovation

Many say disruption is a game for Startups. We disagree. Corporates can be innovators by becoming ambidextrous…