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Dynamic Innovation Portfolio Management

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Moving from periodic to real-time portfolio decision making

The pace of change has accelerated with new digital technologies, emerging market growth, new business models, and competition from well-funded start-ups. At the current churn rate, half of today’s S&P 500 will be replaced over the next ten years. Companies need an “always on” process enabled by enterprise tools that allow them to continuously monitor, analyze, and make real time modifications to their innovation pipelines.

Dynamic portfolio management enables an entirely new set of capabilities that addresses the limitations of previous approaches. Real time portfolio analysis, made possible with up to date data captured in a common system, allows timely decision making that keeps up with a volatile marketplace. Greater visibility and accessibility to current project information allows better decision making and innovation portfolios that are optimized for maximum value creation and return on R&D investment.

Download our Dynamic Innovation Portfolio Management whitepaper to learn:

  • how to dynamically reset innovation aspirations to match today’s highly uncertain, rapidly changing marketplace
  • the stages and characteristics of portfolio management maturity
  • the benefits and impact of dynamic portfolio management on accelerating growth and innovation
  • key capabilities of a dynamic portfolio management software system

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