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Evidence-Based Innovation Portfolio Management

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Incorporating customer behavior into portfolio decision making

From the highest paid person’s opinion to financial projections and scoring models, there are many approaches used by executives when making innovation investment allocation or project prioritization decisions. But as you move beyond your core business to evaluate new sources of growth, the traditional financial approaches become increasingly less reliable. Why? Because projecting an ROI in the early stages of a new-growth innovation is guesswork at best. This is where customer evidence needs to take center stage as an input to portfolio decision-making.

Download our Evidence-Based Innovation Portfolio Management whitepaper to learn:

  • common approaches used by executives to make prioritization decisions
  • the role of experimentation and evidence
  • the importance of customer evidence in evaluating innovation and new-growth innovation
  • examples of measurable customer behavioral evidence metrics
  • how leading companies incorporate customer evidence into project portfolio decision-making
  • tips for implementing an evidence-based portfolio management capability

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