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The State Of Innovation Portfolio Management

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The link between innovation strategy and project execution

Innovation portfolio management is a fundamental business capability for planning, aligning, and optimizing R&D investment. It is the primary link between innovation strategy and project execution, providing corporate and business unit leaders with the insight, analytics, and visibility to improve decision-making for funding the right mix of projects across all growth horizons. The discipline has both strategic and operational elements.

Download our Innovation Portfolio Management Report to learn:

  • the capabilities that separate top performing companies from the rest
  • how leading companies govern portfolios to ensure strategy alignment at all levels in the corporate hierarchy
  • how leading companies optimize resource loading for priority projects to maximize value creation
  • how leading companies conduct portfolio reviews using customer evidence to drive fact-based decisions
  • leadership’s role managing the tension between the core business and exploratory new ventures
  • the use of enterprise software tools to enable real time portfolio analysis and decision making

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