susie braam

Susie Braam

Susie Braam is a highly accomplished leader and expert in corporate transformation and innovation, specializing in advising executives and executive teams on driving organizational change and fostering a culture of innovation. With a focus on assessing and developing corporate innovation capabilities, Susie offers invaluable guidance in establishing scalable innovation processes and developing innovation strategies to explore new business models and optimize existing ones. Her expertise lies at the intersection of innovation, strategy, and leadership, enabling organizations to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

With a distinguished career in the UK security services, Susie has held pivotal roles as head of innovation, leading groundbreaking initiatives and delivering exceptional results. She was responsible for setting up and leading multi-organization incubators tasked with tackling some of the UK’s most persistent national security challenges. She was also instrumental in developing innovation strategies and portfolios, setting up and coaching investment boards, and professionalizing innovation as a skill. In addition, Susie has provided invaluable coaching to executive teams engaged in large-scale digital transformation projects, equipping them with the skills and approaches needed to navigate uncertainty and lead data-led, human-centered organizations.

Committed to fostering entrepreneurial spirit, Susie also provides pro bono coaching to early-stage startups, guiding them in value proposition design and business model development. Regularly sharing insights through blogging and speaking engagements, Susie is a recognized contributor to the ongoing discourse on innovation, strategy, and leadership.