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BMW Is Spending Money On Pet Technology Projects Not On Solving Customer Problems

BMW Is Spending Money On Pet Technology Projects Not On Solving Customer Problems

Corporate Explorer
This article was originally published on Forbes. Big news at this year’s Consumer Electronics Shows…

Corporate Explorers to Watch: Deborah DiSanzo, President of Best Buy Health

Corporate Explorers To Watch
Change Logic co-founder, Andy Binns, sits down with Deborah DiSanzo to discuss how as a Corporate Explorer…
spotlight on strategic ambition and hunting zones x

The Corporate Explorer Fieldbook- Spotlight on Strategic Ambition and Hunting Zones by Andreas Brandstetter and Andy Binns

Corporate Explorer
Earlier this year we shared that The Corporate Explorer Fieldbook will publish on August 29 in the United…
want to be a corporate explorer x

Want to be a Corporate Explorer? Advice from Our Corporate Explorers to Watch

Corporate Explorers are the new heroes of the corporate world who turn disruption into opportunity. They…
Innovation Show Podcast with Michael Tushman

The Innovation Show Podcast Interview with Professor Michael Tushman – Winning Through Innovation, Part 1

Why do successful firms find it so difficult to adapt in the face of change- to innovate? In the past…

Clients in Action: Yoky Matsuoka, CEO of Panasonic WELL and Yohana, and founder of Google X

Corporate Explorers To Watch
Yoky Matsuoka, Founder and CEO of Yohana, is the quintessential Corporate Explorer. Change Logic co-founder,…
AXA CaseStudy

AXA Group From Payer To Partner

The problem with insurance is you only talk to your customers when they have a problem; it’s…
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Corporate Explorer Fieldbook: Now Available

Corporate Explorer
Corporate Explorer Fieldbook: How to Build New Ventures In Established Companies A hands-on, how-to…
photo idea key corporate explorers are disrupting big corporations

How “Corporate Explorers” Are Disrupting Big Companies From the Inside

Corporate Explorer
This article was originally published on Stanford Graduate School of Business. The conventional wisdom…

A Conversation with Andy Binns About the Corporate Explorer

Want to watch the whole conversation? I'm Andy Binns. I run a consulting firm called Change Logic…
cl myths x myth

The Myths of Corporate Innovation-Part 2

Innovation Disruption
This article was previously published in Fast Company, and is reprinted with permission. When my kids…

Reflections on 15 Years of Change Logic

Christine Griffin: I'm thrilled to be here with three of Change Logic’s Founders: Professor Mike Tushman,…
summer reading list

Change Logic’s Summer Reading List

Summer is a time for relaxing on the beach with a good book. Perhaps a romance or a detective thriller.…
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Change Logic Joins Over One Thousand Leaders Across the United States Affirming Commitment to Global Climate Action on the Fifth Anniversary of the Paris Agreement

Innovation Disruption
This weekend marked the five-year anniversary of the world coming together to sign on to the Paris Agreement…

Change Logic and Wazoku join forces to scale up innovation

Innovation Strategies
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS OCTOBER 25, 2021- Change Logic, the award-winning innovation and change consultancy…
christine griffin managing director

New Managing Principal at Change Logic

Ambitious Leadership
Christine Griffin appointed as Managing Principal at innovation consulting firm   BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS…
change logic wins fast company innovation award

Change Logic Awarded Honorable Mention in Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards

Celebrating 10 years of Innovation by Design, the 2021 honorees include nearly 600 projects, products,…
best article california management

Transformational Leaders vs. Narcissists

Ambitious Leadership
Change Logic is proud to announce that the article, "Transformational Leader or Narcissist: How Grandiose…
outcome driven venturing

Outcome-Driven Venturing

People buy products and services not for their sake but to get a “job” done. Over the past 20 years,…

What Do Clients Say About Change Logic?

Ambitious Leadership
Serving our clients as strategic innovation advisors, we help our clients realize their strategic ambitions.…
how apple organized innovation

How Apple Is Organized for Innovation – Commentary

Growth Strategies
Joel M. Podolny and Morten T. Hansen’s article in the December 2020 edition of the Harvard Business…
innovation portfolio management

To Kill a Zombie (Project)

Growth Strategies
In 2013, a team of researchers from The Boston Consulting Group conducted an important study. They…