The Corporate Explorer Fieldbook- Spotlight on Strategic Ambition and Hunting Zones by Andreas Brandstetter and Andy Binns

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spotlight on strategic ambition and hunting zones x

Earlier this year we shared that The Corporate Explorer Fieldbook will publish on August 29 in the United States.

This fieldbook is a community effort from over twenty authors, including CEOs, CTOs, managers, advisors, consultants, and academics. They provide vital insights, information, and frameworks to support Corporate Explorers in the work of building new ventures. Each week for the next month, we will share with you a sneak peek of these authors and the content they have contributed.

To start things off:

Chapter 1, Strategy Manifesto: Answering the Big “Why”, describes how to turn high-level corporate statements into an empowering Strategy Manifesto that helps align senior leaders on their ambition and then communicate this ambition to their organizations. This chapter is co-authored by Andrew Binns and his client for many years, Andreas Brandstetter, CEO of UNIQA Insurance Group and President of the General Assembly of Insurance Europe.

Chapter 2, Hunting Zones: Selecting Where to Explore, written by Andy, takes one step forward by describing how firms can select Hunting Zones for their exploratory efforts. This helps align the energy and inventiveness of the Corporate Explorer with the strategic intentions expressed in the Manifesto.

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Andreas Brandstetter

Andreas Brandstetter

Andreas Brandstetter is CEO and chairman of UNIQA Insurance Group AG. UNIQA operates in 18 countries, serves 16 million customers and employs 22,400 people. Under his leadership the UNIQA is making insurance business more customer-oriented and boldly exploring new innovative business models. He is an exemplary Ambidextrous CEO.

andy binns

Andrew Binns

Andrew Binns is a co-founder of Change Logic, a strategic advisory firm, and lead author of Corporate Explorer: How Corporations Beat Startups at the Innovation Game (Wiley, 2022). He is an active keynote speaker on innovation and change. He is a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior teams, helping them