Closing the Innovation Zoo: Getting and Staying Healthy with SanusX

Innovation Implementation

UNIQA is a European insurance company with a big ambition to both reinvent its insurance business for a digital future and create new businesses in healthcare.

Change Logic helped the company describe its long-term ambition in a strategy manifesto.

We applied our three-discipline (Ideate, Incubate, and Scale) approach to bring this ambition to life. First, we defined potential areas of opportunity, or Hunting Zones, that UNIQA could mine for disruptive product and service ideas.

6 Breakdowns in the process for disruptive Innovation

We investigated the size and attractiveness of the Hunting Zones and proposed a set of opportunities to explore. Then, we launched a series of agile sprints with several client teams to test their hypotheses about where UNIQA could play to win.

UNIQA created a new business unit, SanusX, to lead the firm’s emerging healthcare ventures. Change Logic helped to structure this ambidextrous unit, develop its budget, and onboard the new leadership team. We assisted SanusX as they grew into a market leader and adopted new practices of business experimentation, outside-in customer discovery, and agile innovation.

Read the case study about our work with UNIQA and SanusX.

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