How SanusX is revolutionizing healthcare, one app at a time


2020 has been a hard year, which makes it even more important to celebrate success. Change Logic takes great pride in the accomplishments of our clients. We are thrilled to celebrate our colleagues at SanusX, the innovation unit of European insurer UNIQA. SanusX seeks to transform the healthcare sector by ideating, incubating, and scaling solutions that advance the health and wellbeing of society.

Addressing one of the most pressing challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, SanusX took a patient-centric approach to COVID-19 testing. In less than a month, the SanusX team developed and launched HealthShield, a digital health app that coordinates registration, sample collection, results delivery, and follow-up communication. SanusX’s digital approach and its network of providers can conduct thousands of tests per day at a rate that is 10X faster than standard testing protocols.

Patients using the HealthShield app receive results on their mobile phone within 20 hours after testing.

HealthShield is the first of many innovations from SanusX. Their ambition is to help people live a longer, better, healthier life. The possibilities are endless.

Change Logic has had the privilege of working side-by-side with SanusX on a number of engagements to disrupt the status quo, including the development and launch of the new ambidextrous unit, securing the budget, and onboarding its leaders and team. We helped to define strategic Hunting Zones, launch experiments, and identify strategic ecosystem partners. We provided tools, methods, and guidance to the teams, as they adopted new practices for business experimentation, outside-in customer discovery, and agile innovation.

We are proud to have SanusX as our partner. Want to know more on how Change Logic helped to ideate, incubate, and scale a new business within their organization? Watch this short video with Andreas Brandstetter, the CEO of UNIQA, who shares his insights about the UNIQA-Change Logic cooperation that resulted in the creation of SanusX:

SanusX is just one example of how the COVID-19 pandemic drove rapid innovation in healthcare. Sooner or later, this crisis will subside, but the impact of unprecedented, large-scale pandemic-driven innovations will continue. As we wind down 2020, we look forward to helping our clients identify and develop new solutions in the uncertain business environment.