What Do Clients Say About Change Logic?

Ambitious Leadership

Serving our clients as strategic innovation advisors, we help our clients realize their strategic ambitions. What do Change Logic’s clients think about our work? What benefits do they see in using our services? What impact does Change Logic have?

In this short video, three Change Logic’s clients–Vince Roche (CEO of Analog Devices), Aicha Evans, (CEO at Zoox, formerly SVP & CSO at Intel), and Andreas Brandstetter (CEO at UNIQA Group AG)—share, in their own words, their experiences in working with Change Logic.

Read the transcript below:

Vince Roche [0:04]

The most enduring companies mastered the adaptations needed ahead of critical transitions in their businesses. Change Logic has been a partner to us for the past seven years or so in navigating enormous change in our markets. We have deployed their change management approaches in multiple ways to evolve our culture, enhance our investment case discipline, and structure our organization to identify and capture value.

Aicha Evans [0:31]

When I was responsible for driving wireless engineering for Intel platforms, I partnered with Change Logic to accelerate our progress. Our ambition was very clear, and our demand was increasing by 10-fold. By the way, I’m happy to report that we ended up achieving a 20-fold [increase]. We had to make technically and organizationally complex decisions at speed, and really in the end when I reflect on it, Change Logic helped us do what we needed to do, but do it faster and with more clarity and purpose.

Andreas Brandstetter [1:03]

Change Logic helped us, on the one hand, to find ways how we really can do much better in closing the performance gap in the existing business. But on the other hand– and much more important–they helped us to reinvent ourselves: to find new sources of income, of revenues, of profits; they helped us to attract new customers.