Beating the Odds of Disruption

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Beating the odds of disruption x

Large firms often struggle to prosper in the face of market disruption. Recently, many have adopted Design Thinking and ‘Lean Agile’ techniques, but have these techniques moved the needle towards building disruptive new businesses? Are incumbents any better placed to beat disruption? And, if some are, what can we learn about how they’ve succeeded where others have failed?
In our whitepaper “Beating the Odds of Disruption” we conducted research to find the answers—working with our founders and academic partners, Professor Charles O’Reilly at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Professor Michael Tushman from Harvard Business School, to interview 30 firms and gather survey data from over 150 executives.

We conclude that Design Thinking and Lean Agile are critical components in a strategy for beating the odds of disruption. However, corporates still need to attend to how to Scale new businesses, not simply Ideate and Incubate them. In our report, we say more about this approach and some of the key success factors firms can apply.

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