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Six Breakdowns in the Process for Disruptive Innovation

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Avoid these pitfalls to build disruptive new businesses

Change Logic has over fifteen years of experience helping companies beat the odds and build disruptive new businesses. Based on our research and practical experience, we have isolated the six most common breakdowns in the process for disruptive innovation. These are the places where organizations struggle most, and which can be prevented to increase the odds of success.

Download the Six Breakdowns in the Process for Disruptive Innovation whitepaper to learn:

  • the six most common breakdowns faced during the innovation process
  • ways to proactively avoid common innovation pitfalls
  • how leading companies overcame obstacles to innovation
  • tips for beating the odds against corporate innovation
Author: Andrew Binns

Author: Andrew Binns

About The Author: Andrew Binns

Andrew Binns is a principal of Change Logic a strategic advisory firm that he a co-founded in 2007 with Professor Michael Tushman (HBS) and Professor Charles O’Reilly (Stanford). Andy works with CEOs, boards, and senior teams as they lead innovation and change. He is an award-winning author, educator, and consultant. His new book, Corporate Explorers, will be published by Wiley in 2022. Read Full Biography > 

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