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Corporate Explorer
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Corporate Explorer Fieldbook:
How to Build New Ventures In Established Companies

A hands-on, how-to manual for innovating from within a corporation

corporate explorer fieldbookIn the Corporate Explorer Fieldbook: How to Build New Ventures In Established Companies, Andy Binns and renowned innovation and change experts deliver an indispensable companion to the Corporate Explorer: How Corporations Beat Startups at the Innovation Game.

In the book, you’ll find the tools, methodologies, and techniques you need to convert a great idea into a thriving, profitable business. Explore the pain points, pitfalls, and opportunities experienced by real organizational leaders who adopted the Corporate Explorer framework and realized substantial successes.

The book also offers:

  • Strategies for bridging the gap between a good idea and an innovative, new business reality
  • Ways to go beyond well-known methodologies, like Lean Startup and Design Thinking, and implement practical techniques
  • Intuitive combinations of innovation, strategy, change, and leadership advice you can apply immediately to create exciting new business opportunities

An essential and hands-on guide for corporate innovators working within the confines of existing organizations, the Corporate Explorer Fieldbook is a must-read for managers, executives, team leaders, and corporate entrepreneurs seeking to have an outsized impact on their companies.

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