Outcome-Driven Venturing

outcome driven venturing

People buy products and services not for their sake but to get a “job” done. Over the past 20 years, many companies have adopted the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) theory as a custom-centric (“outside-in”) approach to designing new products and services. The adoption of the jobs-to-be-done approach brought science to the front end of innovation and allowed companies to predict, with much greater certainly, which new product or service will succeed in the marketplace well before the development process even begins. In other words, companies can use the JTBD framework to ensure they “build the right solutions.”

Design thinking, lean startup, and Agile–collectively known as lean innovation–have brought entrepreneurial methods to established company innovation. Thanks to the thought leadership of Michael Tushman, Charles O’Reilly, Steve Blank, Eric Reis, Alex Osterwalder, Brant Cooper, and others, we now have a methodology and growing toolset for streamlining development and go-to-market processes.

Lean innovation teaches us how to run experiments with customers to test critical assumptions–starting with the riskiest, highest impact hypotheses—to learn quickly and cheaply. These experiments start early in the innovation process and continue through development, as teams validate the attractiveness of an evolving solution and confirm business model viability. The lean innovation methodology, therefore, helps companies “build the solutions right.”

  • Want to learn more about how to combine upstream JTBD practices with downstream lean innovation methods to create a robust, end-to-end growth formula?
  • Want to take the guesswork out of ideating, incubating, and scaling new ventures and to build the right solutions?

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In this session, innovation pioneers will discuss the reasons businesses struggle to create new sources of growth and introduce an end-to-end innovation process that solves common challenges.

We will discuss topics such as:

  • Why do so many new products fail?
  • The need for an end-to-end innovation process.
  • How to create the perfect growth formula by combining JTBD and lean innovation methods?