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Narendra Laljani

Narendra Laljani is a management educator and consultant who works internationally with executives in major corporations helping them to further develop their strategy and leadership capabilities. Narendra has been associated with Change Logic since 2008, engaging with senior managers on issues of innovation and change.

Narendra’s research focuses on executive development processes, and his book, Making Strategic Leaders, explores high-impact individual development and offers new insights into strategic leadership. Previously, Narendra was Dean of Graduate Studies at Ashridge Business School, which he joined in 1995. He spent the first 15 years of his career in various general management positions in industry, managing businesses in challenging environments and making tough decisions; some right, some wrong, and but always learning valuable lessons (and carrying the scars) from these experiences.

Narendra studied economics and management, and in 2008, earned his doctorate at Cranfield University in England. Narendra is based in the UK.