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The L.E.A.S.H. Model

Innovation Strategies
When I teach executives at Stanford about the opportunity to build new ventures from inside existing…
How Amazon Tackles The 3 Stages of Disruptive Innovation

How Amazon Tackles The 3 Stages of Disruptive Innovation

The Three Stages of Disruptive Innovation in Action Excelling at one or two of the three stages of disruptive…

California Management Review Best Article 2020 Award

Innovation Strategies
Andy Binns and Charles O'Reilly's article, The Three Stages of Disruptive Innovation: Idea Generation,…
danger trusting narcissistic leaders x

Dangers of Trusting Narcissistic Leaders

In this recent article, Change Logic Founder, Charles O'Reilly shares topical research about Narcissistic…
importance having discipline x

The Importance of Having an End to End Discipline for Innovation

Innovation Implementation
“Legacy companies trying to make the transition to a new technological era must succeed at three disciplines:…
lead disrupt book innovators dilemna

Is this how to solve the Innovator’s Dilemma?

Organizational Renewal
Change Logic bases its methods and tools on decades of research by our founding directors, Professor…

How to Create a Culture of Success

Organizational Renewal
Change Logic co-founder, Charles O’Reilly, offers some insights on how to create a culture of success,…