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During Uncertainty, Resist the Temptation for Certainty

During Uncertainty, Resist the Temptation for Certainty

We are living in moments of significant uncertainty about the global economic and geopolitical outlook.…
Kristin von Donop

Designing Ambidextrous Organizations with Executive Teams

Ambitious Leadership
Established, successful companies are faced with unprecedented pressure to change. Quite simply, companies…
whats next innovation x

What’s Next for Innovation?

Innovation Strategies
Many firms scaled back investments in innovation in response to the global pandemic. There was a sense…
making decisions today thrive future x

Making Decisions Today to Thrive in the Future

Organizational Renewal
Senior managers are moving with speed to reduce expenses for short-term survival. While the shape of…
map innovation streams success x

Map Innovation Streams for Success in Core & Explore

Innovation Strategies
Not all innovation is created equal. Our clients find it helpful to distinguish different types of…