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Ulrike Schaede

Ulrike Schaede is Change Logic’s Senior Advisor, Japan. She is a Professor of Japanese Business at the University of California, San Diego, the Director of JFIT (Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology) and head of the International Management track at GPS, the School of Global Policy and Strategy. She has published seven books and more than 50 papers on Japanese business organization, strategy and management. Study areas include Japan’s changing corporate strategies in light of globalization and Japan’s business culture, as well as financial market reorganization, corporate governance, employment, manufacturing, and innovation in the new digital economy. Schaede has spent more than nine years of research and study in Japan. She is an Advisor to the “Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future” at Mitsubishi Research Institute, as well as the Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J).

Her new book, titled The Business Reinvention of Japan: How to Make Sense of the New Japan and Why it Matters, will be published with Stanford University Press in June 2020. She also co-authored Creating Ambidextrous Organizations: Exploration and Exploitation for Overcoming Inertia (Ryōkiki no soshiki o tsukuru, 両利きの組織をつくる: 大企業病を打破する 攻めと守りの経営)with Masanori Kato and Charles A. O’Reilly III (Eiji Shuppan 2020). Her full CV can be found here: