What is a hunting zone?

A hunting zone is a market area on which a company focuses its innovation activities. It is a cluster of emerging customer problems.
Are hunting zones about ideas? – No, a hunting zone is not an idea. A hunting zone is a market area in which a company believes there are enough customer problems that it can solve.

What is the example of a hunting zone?

The technology firm NVIDIA selected specific end-markets for its ‘visual computing platform’ which is announced to investors. These included scientific discovery, data centers, and autonomous driving. The insurance company UNIQA aims to grow a new healthcare business and selected Mental Health, Primary Healthcare, and Elderly care as its hunting zones.

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Is a hunting zone the same as SAM or Selected Addressable Market?

No, SAM is a concept that applies in developed markets where analytics can determine precise size. A Hunting Zone is a cluster of emerging customer problems.

How do you select a Hunting Zone?

Companies select hunting zones by taking account of its existing capabilities, emerging customer problems, societal and technological mega trends, and market attractiveness.

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A Hunting Zone is attractive if:
  • There are multiple customer problems to solve
  • There is a willingness to pay to solve the problem (by the user or someone else)
  • It exploits a megatrend in society or technology
  • Good revenue potential in next 3-5 years
  • You have or can acquire assets to scale a business – customers, capabilities, capacity
  • It is an emerging market, with no dominant ecosystem player  

What is the benefit of selecting a Hunting Zone?

A hunting zone defines boundaries for innovation that help to focus effort on areas that are likely to fulfill a company’s strategic ambition and therefore attract funding from senior management.

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