What is transformational leadership?

Transformational leadership is the behaviors of a leader that enable a fundamental shift in how an organization or group operates.

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What is the main focus of transformational leadership?

Transformational leaders focus on creating system-wide change such that the processes, systems, structures, and behaviors of an organization

What are characteristics of a transformational leader?

Transformational leaders communicate a compelling vision for the future, motivate people to reach for that goal, and empower them to do what it takes to be successful.

Why is transformational leadership effective?

Transformational leadership is effective because it galvanizes people around a shared goal or ambition so reducing the impact of short-term or selfish concerns that often impede change in organizations.

What are the limits of transformational leadership?

It is easier to be a transformational leader when there is a threat to the organization as it provides clear reason to change. It is harder to be a transformational leader when moving toward opportunity as you need to build more ownership of the future vision.

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Who are examples of transformational leadership?

Ajay Banga at Mastercard was highly successful at galvanizing the organization around a vision to replace cash with digital payment systems. This redefined the purpose of the organization and created a license for innovation.

Jensen Huang at Nvidia is another transformational leader. He identified the threat to the company from Intel and inspired the company to shift into new markets.

Mary Barra at General Motors is another transformational leader. She is moving the company from vehicles based on the Internal Combustion Engines toward selling only ‘zero tailpipe emission’ vehicles by 2035. This involves a shift in strategy, capabilities, working practices, and talent.

How is transformational leadership different from being a corporate explorer?

Corporate Explorers can exhibit transformational leadership by creating new businesses that make a new vision a reality. The Corporate Explorers Club helps leaders learn how to exhibit transformational leadership.

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