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Do Wars Boost Innovation?

War is a horrible thing. Images of killed, wounded, or orphaned Ukrainian kids, victims of Russia’s…
workplace diversity innovation

Is Your Organization Diverse Enough to be Truly Innovative?

Ambitious Leadership
Can labor laws affect innovation? Many people would shrug off this question as frivolous. Why on earth…
want to be industry disruptor

Want to Be an Industry Disruptor? Don’t Add, Subtract Instead!

Innovation Disruption
Bernadette is a Corporate Explorer, a manager with the task of building a new, exploratory venture beyond…
atlanta opera innovation reinvention

Artistic Talent and Business Acumen: How the Atlanta Opera is Reinventing Opera Performance during the Pandemic

The Atlanta Opera brings a rare success story for the entertainment industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.…
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How Professional Identity Blocks Innovation?

Organizational Renewal
Innovation is built on proven methodologies, much like the approach we use at Change Logic. Yet, methodology…
closing corporate innovation gap x

Closing Corporate Innovation Gap

Organizational Renewal
The stereotype for successful modern corporations is that they flawlessly execute operational performance…
Asking Crowds “What’s Next?” for Your Organization

Asking Crowds “What’s Next?” for Your Organization

Serendipity is one of the most powerful forces in innovation. There are so many great product ideas or…
acceleration coopetition address covid x

Acceleration of Coopetition to Address COVID-19 Crisis

Organizational Renewal
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new levels of cooperation between competitors – so called coopetition. Coopetition…