Change Logic and Wazoku join forces to scale up innovation

Innovation Strategies

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS OCTOBER 25, 2021- Change Logic, the award-winning innovation and change consultancy firm, has formed a strategic alliance with the London-based innovation scale-up, Wazoku. The goal is to bring more great ideas to scale in organizations around the world.

“Too many firms struggle to turn great ideas into tangible outcomes,” Change Logic director and co-founder, Andy Binns, said. “This alliance will give corporations access to the best in innovation strategy and change consulting, as well as the world’s leading internal and external crowd source platform.”

Change Logic is known for its work helping senior leaders execute strategies for growth. Founded in 2007 by Binns, Harvard Business School Professor Michael Tushman, and Stanford’s Professor Charles O’Reilly, Change Logic has a fifteen-year track record helping firms converting concepts into reality.

“Our global enterprise clients increasingly look to Wazoku to simplify their innovation ecosystem, and that includes working with best-in-class partners,” said Simon Hill, CEO, Wazoku. “Change Logic looks at the critical alignment between strategic ambition, innovation discipline, the imperative for ambidextrous balance and the leadership needed to drive disruptive innovation. Combining the leading academic experts with a consultancy team with decades of experience leading CEO-level strategic innovation is a compelling proposition we can now offer to our clients all around the world.”

Wazoku’s integrated Enterprise Innovation Platform includes Idea Management Software, an Open Innovation Marketplace and Innovation Consulting to provide 360-degree innovation at scale and all the tools an enterprise needs to power innovation. Adding Change Logic’s consultancy to Wazoku’s existing consulting capability further readies Wazoku for the enterprise market, particularly for clients prone to sticking to tried and tested approaches.