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christine griffin managing director

Christine Griffin appointed as Managing Principal at innovation consulting firm


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS OCTOBER 4, 2021- Change Logic, the award-winning innovation and change consultancy firm, has appointed Christine Griffin as its Managing Principal. Griffin joined the firm in 2014, leading many of its most successful client projects in financial services, media, and technology.

“Christine is a genuine leader, who has been a role model for the Change Logic’s values and professional service ethos for the past seven years,” said Michael Tushman, Change Logic’s Chairman and Harvard Business School Professor as he welcomed Christine into her new role. “I am thrilled for our firm that we have such talent available.”

Change Logic is known for its work helping senior leaders ideate, incubate, and execute strategies for growth. Christine Griffin plans to continue this work, but also put her own stamp on the firm. “Corporate innovation is only effective if corporations learn to also think about it as a change project. Letting go of the past is critical to grasping the opportunities of the future,” said Christine. “I want Change Logic to be famous for its ability to help firms tackle this challenge. We know how to do it and have demonstrated results at many large corporates.”

Griffin, who lives in Wexford, Pennsylvania, will lead the Boston-based firm virtually.  When asked about leading a dispersed team, she says, “We serve clients all over the world that are seeking to build new businesses beyond their core, so location does not affect our ability to do our work.”

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Griffin spent the early part of her career at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, received her M.B.A from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and joined McKinsey & Co. in Chicago. She also led and sold a Pittsburgh technology startup before joining Change Logic.

Griffin succeeds Andy Binns who has led the firm since 2013. Binns is moving to become a Director of the firm, continuing to serve its many clients, and while promoting his new book, Corporate Explorer, to be published by Wiley in February 2022.