What does B4B mean?

B4B is a relatively new acronym that stands for business-for-business. It is used to describe a commercial relationship between two businesses that is focused on delighting end-customers and achieving common goals between two businesses. Whereas a B2B company focuses on a commercial transaction with another businesses, a B4B company seeks to serve its business customers by helping them to achieve their goals, be they commercial, social, or environmental. B4B businesses are driven by empathy and often create value through collaboration, community, and social purpose, rather than through profit alone.

What is an example of a B4B relationship?

Analog Devices is a B4B because they work alongside their business customers to create the personalized technology that the latter need to improve outcomes for their end-users.

What is the advantage of using B4B?

By referring to a company as B4B, you highlight its outcomes-based, value driven, and customer-centric approach to business, differentiating it from other transaction-based B2B companies.

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