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capacity to act innovation

Capacity to Act: What Really Stops Companies from Innovating

Ambitious Leadership
Innovation consultants focus on how to generate new ideas, but what leaders need is a consultant that…
sebastian jackisch refinemysite

Corporate Explorers to Watch in 2021: Dr. Sebastian M. Jackisch, Global Head of RefinemySite

Dr. Sebastian M. Jackisch, Global Head of RefinemySite We have long equated groundbreaking innovation…
key takeaways from corporate incubation

Key Takeaways from “Corporate Incubation: the Key to Innovation in an Uncertain Market”

How can corporations build effective incubation engines? How can they create new, sustainable…
Beating the odds of disruption x

Beating the Odds of Disruption

Innovation Disruption
Large firms often struggle to prosper in the face of market disruption. Recently, many have adopted Design…
Innovation not about ideas x

Innovation is not about ideas!

Innovation Implementation
One of the fondest wishes of a CEO is to create an innovation culture. They aspire to lead a vibrant…
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Atlanta Opera: Re-Imagining Live Performances and Investing in Digital Engagement

Organizational Renewal
The Atlanta Opera announced the resumption of live performances beginning Thursday, October 22, 2020.…
ambidexterity where works why x

Ambidexterity: Where it Works and Why

Walmart’s recent announcement of its new health business is a timely reminder of how large corporations…
how ideate incubate fail x

How to Ideate, Incubate, but Fail

Innovation Implementation
Most organizations launch initiatives to drive growth and there are great practices available to innovate…
success through ambidexterity x

Success through Ambidexterity

Innovation Implementation
Innovation efforts in large organizations tend to over-emphasize ideation (coming up with new ideas)…
disciplines distruptive innovation x

3 Disciplines of Disruptive Innovation

Many say disruption is a game for Startups. We disagree. Corporates can be innovators by becoming ambidextrous…

Ideate, Incubate, Scale – Andy Binns at HBS Digital Initiative

Change Logic co-founder, Andrew Binns, discusses how companies can beat the odds of disruption with three…

Ambidextrous Organization

Change Logic co-founder, Charles O’Reilly discusses why successful businesses fail in the face of disruption…
change sprints

Change Sprints Will Get You to the Finish Line

Organizational Renewal
Change projects often suffer from a surplus of good intentions and a deficit of disciplined effort. You…